Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Commercial Asset Finance?

Commercial Asset Finance is available to micro and small businesses to finance business equipment and vehicles.

For most small businesses, access to reasonable equipment and vehicle funding is a vital issue. ASL Credit has the capability to consider a much broader range of customers than mainstream financiers. It is our broader, more inclusive, approach that makes ASL unique.

ASL Credit offers Commercial Hire Purchase and Chattel Mortgage products for the purchase of new or used cars, vans, and small trucks.

2. What kind of vehicle can I finance?

Finance is available for passenger and commercial vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes, including cars, utilities, vans and people movers.

3. Can I purchase a vehicle through a private sale?

Vehicles must be purchased through a licensed motor dealer.

4. Do I need proof of comprehensive insurance?

Comprehensive vehicle insurance is required in all instances and can be paid 12 months in advance or under a payment by the month or Insurance Premium Funding Plan.

Evidence of payment of the first month required for all pay by the month policies.

5. What should I do if I can't make a loan repayment?

You should make sure that you have enough money in your bank account to cover payments when they are due. You will be charged fees if you do not make a payment on time. If at any time your circumstances change, please ring our Customer Service Department on to discuss other options.

Remember, you cannot sell the vehicle until you have repaid your loan in full without the express approval of ASL Credit.